Who is a MENTOR?

Now that you have decided to get a metor, Let’s understand who a mentor is; A Mentor is an experienced person who advises a less experienced colleague. A Mentor shares his/her unique experiences, skills and strengths in support of a Mentee’s development.

Get a Mentor

Become an Expert in 12 Weeks

Startup Kano offers an intensive but flexible 12-week program for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas or startups into profitable businesses by matching them with successful mentors. Through the mentoring relationship, the mentor has the opportunity to coach, guide and share experiences and knowledge which will contribute to the mentees growth.

Become a Mentor


• Having a caring ear to hear your triumphs as well as your frustrations
• Developing your skill as a “planner” – getting a sharper focus on what’s needed to grow professionally
• Developing your skill as a “learner”- getting new ways to acquire new skills
• Developing your skill as a communicator” – improving your ability to express your expectations, goals, and concerns.
• Learning what it is like to be in a higher level position
• Receiving knowledge about the “ins and outs” of an organization.
• Getting honest feedback