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    Being a woman founder in the northern part of Nigeria is a hard task. The challenges and risks, the culture and society are all factors that only a dedicated and brave woman can scale through, which is why we decided to bring the women founders under a platform that would mentor young talent and give birth to inspired female entrepreneurs.

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Women founders group is a platform under startup Kano, for women entrepreneurs both in the technology and non-technology industry to come together, to share practical stories, advice, ideas, and network with younger women and budding entrepreneurs. We choose this name because we need women founders, successful women from different fields to come together to help raise and mentor the younger women entrepreneurs that will change the face of our society.

The north has been left behind in different aspects of contemporary developments. Women in this respect even suffer the most, we realized that out of ten women in the north eight are entrepreneurs and most of them are at the grassroots level. Looking at the international standard and practices, we decided to start something that will give these women the necessary tools to compete with their counterparts worldwide.


  • Women Founders Group brings together like-minded women to exchange best practices and information.
  •  To promote and advocate female entrepreneurship in Africa.
  • To promote female participation and inclusiveness in tech entrepreneurship.
  • To incubate, accelerate, and coach both startups and existing women businesses.



Our mission is to create an avenue for every woman to look up to when starting a business.


Our vision is to become the leading women entrepreneur ecosystem in Africa.


To change the mindset of African women through creativity and innovation.


As a woman, you should be an example to your fellow women. You should have a success story, because you matter. Join us today and become a founder, a mentor that other women would look up to.


As a member of the women founders group:

  • You get to connect and network with successful women founders from both within the tech and non tech ecosystem.
  • Attend monthly classes on business coaching and marketing skills.
  • Get free business consultation.
  • Have 10 ­percent discount on all Women Founders Group events.

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