There’s no reason you can’t learn something new every day, whether it’s a work skill, a fun new hobby, or even a language!
As an entrepreneur, you are expected to be updated on trends in business,  the technology sector, health and anything you can think of because it’s obvious that an entrepreneur is likely to see an opportunity anywhere. So here is a list  of 25 handful and amazing websites you can visit to learn and expand your horizon:

1. Lynda: Where over 4 million people have already taken courses.

2. CreativeLive: Get smarter and boost your creativity with free online classes.

3. Hackaday: Learn new skills and facts with bite-sized hacks delivered daily.

4. MindTools: A place to learn leadership skills (see more great places to learn leadership skills online here).

5. Codecademy: Learn Java, PHP, Python, and more from this reputable online coding school.

6. Platzi: Get smarter in marketing, coding, app development, and design.

7. Big Think: Read articles and watch videos featuring expert “Big Thinkers.”

8. Craftsy: Learn a fun, new skill from expert instructors in cooking, knitting, sewing, cake decorating, and more.

9. A massive collection of online guides on just about every topic imaginable.

10. LitLovers: Practice your love of literature with free online lit courses.

11. Udacity: Learn coding at the free online university developed by Sebastien Thrun.

12. TED Ed: The iconic TED brand brings you lessons worth sharing and learning.

13. Scitable: Teach yourself about genetics and the study of evolution.

14. ITunes U: Yale, Harvard, and other top universities share lecture podcasts.

15. Livemocha: Connect with other learners in over 190 countries to practice a new language.

16. WonderHowTo: New videos daily to teach you how to do any number of different things.

17. FutureLearn: Join over 3 million others taking courses in everything from health and history to nature and more.

18. One Month: Commit to learning a new skill over a period of one month with daily work.

19. Yousician: Who said when you learn something new it has to be work-related?

20. Highbrow: A subscription service that delivers five-minute courses to your email daily.

21. Memrise: Get smarter and expand your vocabulary.

22.. DataMonkey: The ability to work with data is indispensable. Learn SQL and Excel.

23. Saylor Academy: Offers a great public speaking course you can take online, and see more free public speaking courses here.

24. Cook Smarts: Learn the basics to advanced food prep and cooking techniques.

25. Academic Earth: Offering top quality university-level courses since 2009.

By Aisha Tofa, Marketing Executive Co-Founder Startup Kano.