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In as much as we do not want to associate you with COVID-19, we still feel it’s important that we come up with an Application that would help you clear any doubt regarding any symptoms you might be experiencing. We hope you find it helpful. Stay Safe.
This Application is designed to help you answer some basic symptomatic questions about your COVID-19 status. Results at the end would tell you if you align with COVID-19 symptoms or not.

A lot of people find it difficult to differentiate between COVID-19 symptoms and conventional illness’s symptoms. We have designed this Application to help solve the doubt you have on symptoms you might be exhibiting lately. Walking up to a clinic or hospital to ask questions regarding some symptoms we exhibit that align similar to that of COVID-19 has been a nightmare to some of us. This App is to help you do a self-assessment before you eventually go for a proper test at any accredited center.


You can get the application here

You can access covid19 updates/news worldwide from NCDC & WHO. The App will also allow doctors to report cases easily for a fast response. Send all feedback to

The App is still in development.

Basic App Troubleshooting to Note: if it doesn’t download on ur phone or it’s downloaded but keeps stopping, leave feedback and specify with ur phone model, if it’s downloaded, you might check it in your file manager. This is a Test Run! Thank you