Startup Kano Team Launches a Mobile Application to Fight COVID 19 in Kano State

Stay Home Stay Safe


In as much as we do not want to associate you with COVID-19, we still feel it’s important that we come up with an Application that would help you clear any doubt regarding any symptoms you might be experiencing. We hope you find it helpful. Stay Safe.
This Application is designed to help you answer some basic symptomatic questions about your COVID-19 status. Results at the end would tell you if you align with COVID-19 symptoms or not.

A lot of people find it difficult to differentiate between COVID-19 symptoms and conventional illness’s symptoms. We have designed this Application to help solve the doubt you have on symptoms you might be exhibiting lately. Walking up to a clinic or hospital to ask questions regarding some symptoms we exhibit that align similar to that of COVID-19 has been a nightmare to some of us. This App is to help you do a self-assessment before you eventually go for a proper test at any accredited center.


You can get the application here

You can access covid19 updates/news worldwide from NCDC & WHO. The App will also allow doctors to report cases easily for a fast response. Send all feedback to [email protected]

The App is still in development.

Basic App Troubleshooting to Note: if it doesn’t download on ur phone or it’s downloaded but keeps stopping, leave feedback and specify with ur phone model, if it’s downloaded, you might check it in your file manager. This is a Test Run! Thank you


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25 Websites To Visit As An Entrepreneur

There’s no reason you can’t learn something new every day, whether it’s a work skill, a fun new hobby, or even a language!
As an entrepreneur, you are expected to be updated on trends in business,  the technology sector, health and anything you can think of because it’s obvious that an entrepreneur is likely to see an opportunity anywhere. So here is a list  of 25 handful and amazing websites you can visit to learn and expand your horizon:

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Hub Book Club


Hub Book Club is an innovative approach toward recreating nor rebuilding reading habits in the mind of the said target audience which is the youth and those interested. The book club will have a distinctive section that improves and troubleshoot the identified problems.

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As a Nigerian, being an entrepreneur is an easy yet complicated task. There are a lot of opportunities all around with resources at our hands, but it only takes a wise and creative person to see and be able to use it. Also, it’s not just about being an entrepreneur, or a Nigerian! A Place like Kano state is a very sensitive and complicated place to do business. The ancient city of Kano is a commercial nerve center since before the coming of the colonial masters and still, now it is the center of commerce of Nigeria where everything you could think of is available and every business you could think of is being practiced. Kano is a state of tradition, culture, and religion; so, every move you make would obviously affect your business. Kano people are tricky, in love with new trends, and in love with their businesses, so as long as you want to penetrate the market, you have to stand out, be unique and never give up once you start.

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Nigerian Women Techsters is an experimental learning program by @tech4dev sponsored by Microsoft aimed at building digital literacy particularly in coding and analytical skills in young women. Tech4dev in itself is a social enterprise that helps solve the world’s great problems through technology.

It plans to train 2,400 women within the age range of 18-40 in Nigeria in the next one year and across 12 States of which #Kano is included. However For the cohort in Kano, Startup Kano would handle and facilitate the training and it’s qualified and experienced facilitators pulled from their inbuilt developers communities and @wintechng would do the job.
The training initiated on 4th May 2019, at 9am and in attendance were 59 women.

Key Objectives

The key objectives for the training is to train the women in coding and analytical related skills of which three were selected namely:

Web and Mobile App
Game Development
Embedded systems

The Women however were given the privilege to select the skill of their choice based on their registration online.
Yesterday, being the first class was for introduction and basics which was however deep. The training would run for the next 10 Saturdays as it is scheduled for Saturdays and online trainings would be taken within the week since there will be no need to converge at the hub as its online.

In Conclusion, It promises to be an amazing time for the women selected and the skills to be acquired would be beneficial to the society at large as the women from their contributions today made it clear they already have ideas of problems to be solved using the skills to be acquired.

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