Startup Kano Team Launches a Mobile Application to Fight COVID 19 in Kano State

Stay Home Stay Safe


In as much as we do not want to associate you with COVID-19, we still feel it’s important that we come up with an Application that would help you clear any doubt regarding any symptoms you might be experiencing. We hope you find it helpful. Stay Safe.
This Application is designed to help you answer some basic symptomatic questions about your COVID-19 status. Results at the end would tell you if you align with COVID-19 symptoms or not.

A lot of people find it difficult to differentiate between COVID-19 symptoms and conventional illness’s symptoms. We have designed this Application to help solve the doubt you have on symptoms you might be exhibiting lately. Walking up to a clinic or hospital to ask questions regarding some symptoms we exhibit that align similar to that of COVID-19 has been a nightmare to some of us. This App is to help you do a self-assessment before you eventually go for a proper test at any accredited center.


You can get the application here

You can access covid19 updates/news worldwide from NCDC & WHO. The App will also allow doctors to report cases easily for a fast response. Send all feedback to [email protected]

The App is still in development.

Basic App Troubleshooting to Note: if it doesn’t download on ur phone or it’s downloaded but keeps stopping, leave feedback and specify with ur phone model, if it’s downloaded, you might check it in your file manager. This is a Test Run! Thank you


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Restmeal is an on demand online food ordering service that was launched at Startup Kano Hub on the 4th March, 2017. The startup was founded by a young female entrepreneur, a graduate of computer science from Bayero University Kano. She initially presented the online food ordering system as her final year project in the university. After graduating she became increasingly passionate about pursuing the business of food delivery.

Restmeal La
Restmeal launch.

As part of our incubation program, Restmeal was groomed to accommodate its market need and also add value to the ecosystem. The startup launched first as a web app. Mobile versions for both iOS and Android will be available soon on their respective app stores.

Restmeal online food odering service
Restmeal online food odering service

It was a low key launch as participants included only invited relatives of the founder and some Startup Kano staff. The event which started by 4pm was also streamed live on facebook to enable the public and customers to catch up with the happenings. Free delivery was offered on the launch day to those who made orders on the platform.

Restmeal online food odering service
Restmeal online food odering service

Startup Kano in an effort to build a sustainable ecosystem for entrepreneurs has pledged its support to all innovative and disruptive ideas that will change the face of the society. We are grateful to all those who were involved in building Restmeal.


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Long gone are the days were fresh students have hard times getting familiar with the school environment, school rules and regulations and a bunch of other requirements. BUKGuide is an app with the sole purpose of simplifying campus experience for both new and returning students of Bayero University Kano.
Ahmad Bature, a co-developer who also designed the app UX and UI said, “It has not been easy for new students to have the real feel of the university setting (BUK), this app was born from problems over the years and it is here to solve it. We design the app out of passion for using the latest technology to solve problems and also out of compassion to assist students to navigate around with ease and explore the school environment”.
The app was developed by both an alumni and a final year student of the school. Some of the features on the app are the school history, faculties and principal officers. Voice it out is also a unique feature where you can type and it will voice out the words typed in. “This feature i believe will be modified and enhance communication among special education students” said Umar Auna a co-developer of the app.
BUKguide will be launched at Startup Kano Hub on the 20th of January, 2017. It is a low key event with some invited guest but will be streamed live. You can get the link for the live streaming on Startup Kano Instagram bio. The app will also be available on Google PlayStore and will be officially released during the launch.
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Entrepreneurs ecosystem and Startup Mentors Startup Kano marked the new year with the launch of a platform that connects entrepreneurs together. According to its founder “All-E is a network where great minds connect. Entrepreneurs are interviewed and they showcase their products and services free of charge. At the same time, it serves as a means of marketing to those that cannot reach out to their target customers easily.”

All-E brings different business people of the same business line or different areas in such a way that will create a network for them to understand each other and work together in order to achieve more. All-E intends to use its platform to create the much needed synergy that will activate the ecosystem for both budding and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The event was streamed live on Facebook in order to reach out to customers who couldn’t make it. Startup Kano team hosted and curated the launch in a fashionable and memorable manner. You can register on All-E here. For questions and inquiry send to [email protected]

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